Our Services

We produce the following packaging:

  • With euro slots, holes, or pearl stiffeners, 50microns thickness.
  • Simple packaging to be wielded (PP, CPP, PE) or with a flap with adhesive. Different thickness available (from 30mic to 70mic). Used to pack clothing, newspapers, toys, and thousands of other unique products.
  • Packaging with bottom fold made of CPP. A very durable bag which extends at the bottom. Used to pack rice, grains, sweets, etc.
  • Packaging with prints.
  • Perforated packaging. Can be used to, e.g. pack warm bread.
  • Our packaging is made of high quality materials provided by reliable suppliers. Every plastic foil delivery comes with food safety certification.
  • The foil thickness and the bag type are adapted to the needs of the Client. We professionally assist our Clients with any packaging dilemmas. We have been working with many partner companies and we will surely recommend somebody to help our Clients with anything they might need.
  • We make packaging from 3.5 cm to 60 cm wide and from 5 cm to 80 cm high.
  • For simple packaging and packaging with a fold and adhesive, we take orders starting from 500 pieces. For packaging with euro slots, starting from 2000 pieces.
  • We provide courier delivery domestically and internationally.
  • We also provide folding and wielding services when dealing with plastic foil (including printed foil) supplied by the Client.

When you cooperate with our company, you get all the benefits!

If you do not know how to package your products, call us – we surely know.

We guarantee the highest quality of packaging, prompt delivery, and fair prices.